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Craftsman Marine

The Craftsman Marine engines are based on Mitsubishi engines. They are built on three ground priciples: Power, reliablity and fuel efficiency.

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Craftsman Marine designs and produces engines, bow thrusters and other equipment for boats.

Craftsman propulsion engines

West Diesel is official importer of Craftsman Marine engines, bow thrusters, equipment and accessories

Craftsman is one of the lesser known manufacturers of engines, but they are based on reliable and fuel efficient Mitsubishi engines. Craftsman offers a wide range of accessories, and we have the most common ones in stock.

Craftsman equipment and accessories can be used with many different kinds of engines and boats and is therefore not specific to Craftman's own engines.

Bow thrusters

As Craftsman distributor, we have access to their complete catalog of products, including different bow thrusters.

The propellers are available in sizes 35, 55, 80, 95, 115, 125, 150 and 170 kgf.

35kgf is specifically designed for small vessels, with a very small diameter which allows installation that makes the propeller yield maximum power.

The propellers of the models from 55 to 170 kgf are specifically designed to provide maximum power at maximum speed. Our propellers are easy to install with minimum amount of work.The control panel with push button or joystick suitable for Craftsman marine instrument panels are available as accessories.



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