Spare parts

Our stock holds new and reconditioned spare parts and components for diesel engines, generator sets and marine cranes.

Order spare parts

Our spare parts department offers 24 hour service - and we do all we can to ensure day-to-day delivery.

Avoid long breakdowns

Sooner or later breakdowns and machine failure will occur. In that case, you will need a replace spare part or component as fast as possible.

We deliver spare parts and components to a long series of diesel engine types, generator sets, and other applications. West Diesel is always able to deliver the spare part you need - in the highest quality.

No matter the brand

We have an extensive stock of spare parts for our in-house brands, but we also have other brands in stock. All important spare parts are always in stock, so we are able to deliver right away. 

We also offer to store your own parts in our stock, contact us if you want to know more.

Cheap spare parts

Our prices are very competitive, but it is possible for you to save money by choosing reconditioned (recon) parts. Typically, you will save 30-40% compared to new parts.

Another way you can save money by ordering your spare parts in time.

We test all parts

All spare parts, new as well as reconditioned, are tested by our technicians before shipment.


Get a quotation for spare parts right away. Contact our Spare Parts department - they are ready to receive your phone call or mail.

Hans Peter Holm

Spare parts

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