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Nanni Diesel

Nanni Diesel ranks as one of the world's three largest brands for inboard diesel engines. West Diesel is the official importer of Nanni Diesel in Denmark and Greenland since 1st january 2017.

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The Nanni Diesel engines are based on known brands such as Kubota, Toyota, MAN and John Deere.

Wide range of engines

Nanni Diesel offers a wide range of propulsion engines from 10 to 1900 hp. In addition, they also produce generator sets from 3.5 kW up to 500 kW. In other words, there is a high probability that we can find exactly the Nanni Diesel marine engine you need.

Almost plug and play

There are many advantages to choosing Nanni. Besides being incredibly reliable engines, they are also known for providing the closest you get to a plug-and-play solution. Nanni Diesel has simplified the entire process in replacing an engine.



Rasmus Sørensen

Sales Manager

[email protected]
+45 76 11 41 62