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John Deere Marine Engines

John Deere Marine engines are as powerful and dependable in the water as they are on land. John Deere propulsion, generator, and auxiliary engines share the same reputation for performance and reliability as Industrial John Deere engines

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Advantages with John Deere marines engines

John Deere marine engines are built for long life, reliable performance, fuel efficiency, quiet operation, ease of access to major parts, and simplified integration. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out why John Deere is the most powerful and reliable choice. John Deere offers a wide range of marine engine options, from 80 to 750 horsepower, giving shipowners the flexibility to choose the engine that best fits their needs. Overall, John Deere marine engines offer boat owners reliable and efficient performance, low emissions, easy maintenance, and a range of power options, making them a popular choice for many marine applications.

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John Deere DNV-GL, IMO III and more

The John Deere marine engine is versatile and flexible in many ways, West Diesel and John Deere make it possible for a wide variety of configurations that will fit your engine needs. John Deere provides a full line of marine engines designed to meet the requirements of the various marine
classification societies. At West Diesel, we have our own test facilities and are able to certify John Deere engines for DNV-GL, ABSI, Bureau veritas, and more.

John Deere Marine engines 129 kW and beyond require IMO III certification. West Diesel is able to build your John Deere with SCR as one of the few companies in the world. Our technicians are educated specifically in John Deere marine engines service & maintenance, which makes us able to develop and create innovative solutions to fit your requirements. 

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John Deere Marine Generator sets

West Diesel is building marine generator sets based on John Deere, often paired with a Stamford alternator and control unit from ComAp. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your unique power requirements and offer customized solutions that meet your specific needs. From concept to commissioning: West Diesel offers End-to-End Power Solutions based on John Deere marine engines with a focus on configuration and flexibility. Customer-focused solution and Complete in-house solution. All electrical work is done in West Diesel’s workshop as well as developing, assembly, drawing, electrical work, testing and certification.

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John Deere marine spare parts

West Diesel is your Distributor of Original John Deere Marine engine spare parts for you. We have a large stock of John Deere spare parts, which ensures fast delivery. This is crucial if you are missing John Deere Spare Parts right now. Original spare parts from John Deere ensure you long-lasting components that fit perfectly with just your engine model. Original spare parts from John Deere are an important investment for those who want components of the highest quality. we assure you of professional handling of your inquiry, and we do this 24/7 on our service phone.

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At West Diesel, we understand the critical importance of reliable power solutions in today's fast-paced and demanding business environment. That's why we specialize in providing complete power solutions under one roof, including everything from power generation to distribution and maintenance. Shall we help you with your optimal engine solution with John Deere marine engines? Get professional help from West Diesel. With our 25+ years in the industry, we are ready to help you with everything regarding John Deere marine engines, service and spare parts.

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