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John Deere 4045 Marine Genset

A West Diesel Solution, Powered by John Deere 4045 Engine. The perfect marine generator set from 60 - 110 kWm. A complete end-to-end power solution with a focus on configuration and reliability that exceeds your requirements

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John Deere distributor for 25 Years. In house solution - Built in Denmark

John Deere 4045 powered marine genset

John Deere 4045 engine-powered marine genset (60 - 110 kWm) is a reliable and efficient choice for marine vessels. We build, develop and configure everything in our workshop, including electrical solutions, drawings, testing, and more. A complete solution under one roof provides you with reliability, full support, service, and peace of mind. 

Marine Generator Spec-Sheet

Powered by John Deere 4045 Engine

West Diesel has combined all the leading brands and the most reliable and robust components to assemble This Marine Generator Set. Pairing John Deere Engine, Stamford Alternator and ComAp Control Unit, West Diesel built base frame etc. We can configure and adjust everything to your unique requirements and exceed your needs at a favorable price. All West Diesel's Marine Generator Sets are built in Denmark and will be tested before shipping to ensure it can withstand the most harsh conditions. The genset can also be certified by most common classification soceitiies such as DNV-GL and more. all these advantages make it the top-performing genset in the marine industry.

John Deere 4045 Engine

Stamford Alternators Equipped

All our John Deere marine generator sets are equipped with Stamford Altenators, the leading alternator manufacturer, known for their high-quality and reliable performance. These alternators are designed to work seamlessly with the John Deere engine, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. John Deere paired with Stamford makes a great combination and results in a powerful and robust Marine generator set that aligns with the high West Diesel standard.

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ComAP Control unit for your needs

At West Diesel, we develop innovative electrical solutions for our customers. By utilizing the ComAP Control Unit in our generator sets, we can provide our customers with a high-quality, reliable, and flexible power solution that allow for precise control and monitoring of the generator set. ComAP control unit meets your unique requirements, and we can configure the control unit to match the unique needs of your vessel. At West Diesel, we provide the best electrical solutions for our customers, ensuring that their marine vessels operate efficiently and reliably.

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Excellent Service and Support

With John Deere's outstanding reputation for customer service and support, you can rest assured that your marine genset will receive the care and attention it needs. West Diesel, an authorized John Deere distributor, provides expert service and support to ensure your genset operates at peak performance. From installation to maintenance, West Diesel has you covered.

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John Deere is a well-known brand in multiple industries and has proven its reliability and robust design in the field for many years. West Diesel have chosen to built our Marine generator sets with John Deere because they provide robust and configurable engines. Our team of experts is here to help you find the right solution for your marine vessel. We'll be happy to provide you with all the information you need and answer any questions you may have. 

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