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MAN marine engine IMO 3

MAN marine engine with IMO 3 certification. The most optimal complete solution with SCR system. An engine that offers the right performance, efficiency and price that is ahead of the competition.

With the emission requirements, it is difficult to put together an engine that meets both your and the authorities requirements. But now a complete 221 kW MAN Marine engine has just arrived, which will be very attractive to many shipowners

MAN 221 kW Marine Engine

West Diesel A / S is now introducing MAN 221 kW Marine propulsion with IMO 3 certification. The engine is based on MAN's reliable and well-proven D2676 6-cylinder in-line engine of 12.4 liters and provides 221 kW - 296 HP at 1800 rpm. Other engines are available in the D2676 Marine propulsion program with SCR and IMO Tier 3 certification range from 290 to 441 kW and in the D2862 program from 551 to 1213 kW. To meet the requirements of IMO Tier 3, the engine is equipped with MAN's SCR finishing system, where the control of the SCR system and the injection of urea are a well-integrated part of the MAN engine's electronic control.


Advantages with MAN engines with SCR system

  •  Factory-fitted electrical preparation with panel in engine room and wheelhouse
  •  Low urea consumption, minimal ammonia release and odorless operation with urea
  •  Flexible and lightweight compact SCR unit with 4 different optional standard solutions
  •  Airless SCR system, no compressed air required for urea injection
  •  Low installation costs, no compressor systems and tanks
  •  Low operating costs, including no operation and maintenance for compressed air system
  •  IMO Tier 3 EIAPP certificate and Technical file supplied with the engine (Scheme A certification)
  •  Supplied as Marine propulsion and generator set
  •  German quality product, produced in Germany
  •  classified to all the common companies
  •  Fuel optimized, low fuel consumption
  •  West Diesel 24 hour service

Attractive engine for shipowners in 2021

At the beginning of the year, the plan was for the smallest MAN Marine engine in their new range to be 290 kW. West Diesel then demanded a 221 kW engine. West Diesel knew that many fishermen would benefit from an engine of 221 kW, as there is a great demand for this particular service from the Danish fishermen. This service is special because you meet the requirements for performance in the attractive fishing areas at sea.

Opportunities for fishermen

West Diesel has for over 25 years worked closely with fishermen in Denmark and has made itself recognized in the industry with their high quality and standards. “We have a special bond with the fishermen, as we have helped to deliver to their success over the years. We are always looking for opportunities that can give fishermen an advantage on the water and that is exactly why we demanded a 221 kW engine from MAN. We know this engine will be really attractive to many fishermen, as it ticks all the boxes for what they require an engine to be able to deliver ”
- Erling Sørensen, CEO. West Diesel A / S

Peace of mind to the captain

The engine is fully equipped with an SCR system and all certificates from the factory, such as EIAPP and IMO III certificate, which has great advantages. You are sure that all components are perfectly matched to each other, as the complete engine package comes from the same supplier. This also means that the engine will be much cheaper.

MAN is known for low fuel consumption and high reliability which helps to reduce costs in the long run, which gives peace of mind to the captain and crew. The engine will be available this summer and will most likely be the most attractive engine in our range this year, West Diesel mentions.

The best choice for your ship

The new Marine engines meet the emission requirements; IMO Tier III with six additional power classes of the type MAN D2676. They are six-cylinder in-line engines with an output of 221 kW, 290 kW, 331 kW, 368 kW, 412 kW and 441 kW. Including the twelve-cylinder V-engines, the complete portfolio of IMO Tier III engines thus ranges from 221 kW to 1,213 kW (300 HP to 1,650 HP) and thus meets the requirements of workboats for heavy, medium-sized operation and light operation. These include workboats such as ferries, crew transfer ships, passenger boats, pilot boats, and fishing boats as well as sea lifeboats and patrol boats.

Top Quality SCR-System

The solution that ensures compliance with IMO Tier III emission standards is MAN Engines' modular exhaust gas after-treatment system (AGN), which achieves the emission values simply using an SCR catalyst. This eliminates the need for DOC / DPF component groups (diesel oxidizing catalyst / diesel particulate filter), resulting in additional savings in space and money. MAN Engines has many years of experience in the use of modular exhaust after-treatment systems. This is because the MAN Group has successfully used SCR systems in its own trucks in large volume production since 2006. In addition, MAN is one of the leading European manufacturers of commercial vehicles, providing the same incredibly high quality and reliability on water as on land.