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Mitsubishi Spare Parts

Your professional supplier of genuine Mitsubishi spare parts for medium/high-speed engines for marine and industrial applications. We have numerous clients because of our fast delivery, favorable discounts, and world-class customer handling.

Genuine Mitsubishi Parts | Medium - High-Speed

Your preferred supplier of Spare Parts, diesel engines, and generator sets since 1994. Specializing in power solutions for shipping, fishery, offshore, and industrial needs, we offer high-quality, flexible configurations, and customer-centric products. We provide spare parts for all Mitsubishi high/medium-speed engines, supporting propulsion, and generator sets, including popular models like S6R, S6U, S6A3, S12R, and S16R. As your trusted source for genuine Mitsubishi spare parts, we ensure fast delivery, competitive pricing, and world-class service. Contact us at [email protected]

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Advantages with Genuine Spare parts

Discover genuine spare parts at West Diesel, ensuring 100% genuine for all Mitsubishi spare parts. Trusted by global clients in industrial applications as well as marine, including major shipping companies, offshore oil and gas, wind turbine businesses, and regular industries, we prioritize customer needs. Our commitment extends to the quality of Mitsubishi spare parts, backed by rigorous testing, industry compliance, and certified standards. Count on West Diesel for meticulously crafted spare parts, delivering unmatched performance and durability for your marine and industrial applications.

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Fast Delivery of your spare parts

Explore our comprehensive range of spare parts for all Mitsubishi high and medium-speed engines, catering to both old and new models, with propulsion power ranging from 221 to 2984 kW. At West Diesel, we empathize with your urgency and strive to meet your needs promptly. With a commitment to quick deliveries, we send your spare parts as soon as we can, ensuring professional handling Trust us for reliable service 24/7. 

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West Diesel: Your Mitsubishi Parts Supplier

Established in 1994, West Diesel stands as a preferred provider of diesel engines, generator sets, and components, serving diverse sectors including shipping, fishery, offshore, and broader industrial applications. Our expertise in power solutions is driven by a commitment to high-quality and flexible configurations. West Diesel's customer-centric approach ensures products that not only offer exceptional value but also guarantee reliability. West Diesel is your trusted partner for all Mitsubishi parts.

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Get professional help from West Diesel. With our 25+ years in the industry, we are ready to help you with Mitsubishi spare parts or from our other brands, see all our brands here!

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Spare parts

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Parts and Aftersales Manager

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