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John Deere Industrial Diesel engines

John Deere JD14

JD14 Engine
300 – 510 kW (402 – 684 hp)

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Solid performance.
The JD14 engine provides more power
per liter than 13.5L configurations. With
14% higher power and 11% increased peak torque,
it allows your machines to work faster, lift more,
and operate more efficiently than ever before. This
engine has been shown to increase harvesting capacity
by up to 45% on John Deere X Series Combines.

The JD14 features a rear gear train that reduces noise by up
to 3 decibels compared to the 13.5L engine. That’s half as
loud, greatly improving operator comfort.

Easy to maintain. Low service costs.
John Deere engineers streamlined common maintenance
steps on the JD14 engine. Hydraulic lash adjusters
decrease valve wear and provide longer engine life while
eliminating valve lash maintenance. An advanced control
system analyzes sensor data to keep operators working
without interruption.

Prognostic capabilities are built into the engine to help
users identify potential problems and schedule service prior
to downtime.

Proven John Deere cooling packages are available with
JD14 engines for easy, low-cost integration.


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