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Marine Knuckeboom Crane

Heila Marine Cranes also offers a range of Marine Knuckeboom Cranes which are designed for versatile lifting and handling operations in marine environments.

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The Heila cranes combine design, safety and high reliability

Marine Knuckeboom Crane from Heila

Marine Knækarm's cranes can be found on vessels with a large deck or on platforms. They are available both with and without hydraulic extension. The cranes without hydraulic extension naturally have the advantage that they require less maintenance, as there are fewer joints. Heila Marine Cranes' Marine Articulated Cranes are a versatile, durable and safe solution for marine lifting applications. Their ability to provide precision and control during lifting operations, combined with their durability and reliability, make them a top choice for many professionals in the marine industry. 2 types: HM types are small cranes with turning cylinders HR type are larger cranes with turning rings.

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Marine Knuckeboom Heila Crane

One of the key advantages of marine jib cranes is their ability to provide precision and control during lifting operations. the jib crane's design allows for greater flexibility and reach, enabling the crane to access and lift loads from difficult positions. The cranes' hydraulic systems offer smooth and precise control, enabling operators to lift, move and place loads with great accuracy.

Another advantage of marine jib cranes is their durability and reliability. They are built with high quality materials and designed to withstand harsh marine environments and extreme weather conditions. This makes them a reliable solution for a wide range of offshore and onshore applications.

Marine jib cranes from Heila Marine Cranes are also designed with safety in mind. They have advanced safety systems, including load monitoring systems and automatic overload protection, to ensure safe and reliable operation.

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