Marine / Reduction Gears

Buy Marine gearboxes at West Diesel and secure yourself a reduction gear of the highest quality that is both smaller and lighter than the competitors' gearboxes of the same type. Marine Gear from Dong-I are solid and robust, which can last for an incredible number of operating hours before service or replacement is needed.

Marine gear / Reduction gear for your ship

South Korean D-I Industrial is among the leading manufacturers of marine gear. As a dealer of Dong-I products, we can help you find the best marine gear for your vessel. West Diesel is D-I Industrial's Danish distributor of marine gear. D-I Industrial develops and manufactures their gearboxes in Korea and is known for the design and production of high quality gears. Our gear for marine is available in many reductions, the sizes vary from 43-1382 HP. All gears are supplied with a built-in oil cooler and vibration-damping clutch. Dong-I gear delivers the same torque in both forward and reverse and is available with slip/trolling valve as well as on several models power take-off and flexible couplings. D-I Industrial goes to great lengths in the quality and finish of marine gear. We trust the product we recommend to our customers.

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Marine gear from West Diesel

West Diesel has high requirements for suppliers. Dong - I has strong values - Dong - I grows together with the customers by delivering optimized specifications
and ease of use, based on original technology, and has realized customer satisfaction through outstanding quality. This is something West Diesel can stand behind and we are therefore proud to be able to supply high quality marine gear in many aspects. see below some of the advantages you get with a marine gear from Dong - I.

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Advantages of marine gear from Dong I

The main functions are forward, neutral, aft and reduction of speed at fixed speed. The marine transmission has the structure that can safely withstand the force generated by the propulsion of the propeller.

• Smaller and lighter than competitors' gearboxes of the same type
• No consumables except corrosion resistant zinc
• An easily replaceable structure for bell housing
• Easy maintenance

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Service and repair of marine gear from Dong-I

West Diesel is ready to service your marine gear, this is both after the recommended service and repair of unexpected problems. Should problems or complications arise with your marine gear, please feel free to contact us. We have many years of experience with repairs and servicing of gearboxes, both on site or at our modern workshop in Esbjerg. Our technicians are well-qualified and adaptable, our large fleet of vehicles enables us to move out at short notice for both urgent and routine tasks inland and abroad, on land, at sea and offshore.

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Marine gearbox information

The marine gear consists of one or more sets of rotating gears which are connected by gears. The relatively high speed from the engine is transferred to the marine gear, where torque and revolutions are adapted. The number of gears in the gearboxes depends on the output speed requirement. Marine gear, also called the reduction gear, reduces the relatively high revolutions of the high and medium speed engine to a speed that is optimal for the selected propeller. This gives greater power and less vibration. This is relevant in all sea vessels.

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Contact us for Marine Gear / Reduction gear

Interested or have questions about marine gear from DONG I?

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