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Hydraulic Winches

TMA is a renowned designer and manufacturer of hydraulic winches that meet the unique requirements of each application. Hydraulic wire winches are designed with drum, gearbox, motor and valve carefully selected to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

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Compact hydraulic wire winches

Compact wire winch can pull 600 kg - 5700 kg (first line pull) on model. The compact wire winches in this series are designed to provide high performance in the smallest possible space. Ideal for Marine, Offshore and industrial applications such as cranes on trucks and for auxiliary functions on mobile drilling rigs.

These wire winches combine high performance and reliable quality in compact dimensions. All TN models are available in the MW version, where design, material selection, production process and surface treatment make the product suitable for the marine environment.

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Hydraulisk wirespil | til tungere løft

Hydraulic winch can pull 4500 kg - 24000 kg (first line pull) on model. If you need to do heavier lifting, we have here a more powerful hydraulic wire winch that can handle most things for Marine, Offshore and industrial applications.

TMA designs and manufactures custom games to fully meet each individual application requirement. Hydraulic winches have drum, gearbox, motor and valve specifically selected, based on the TMV and TME winch series. The result is a game that offers the best performance and reliability. TMV winches are driven by an axial piston motor, while TME winches have a reciprocating motor.

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Other Hydraulic Wire Winch

We also have a wide range of other hydraulic winches / hoists for your needs, in addition to that you also have the option of a fully customized hydraulic wire winch. contact us to hear more about what we can offer you in hydraulic wire winches.

Hydraulic wireline winch can pull 600 kg - 2500 kg (first line pull) on model

Compact axial piston wire winch can pull 1200 kg - 3900 kg (first line pull) on model.

In-line hydraulic winch can pull 7500 kg - 30000 kg (first line pull) on model.

Hydraulic winch can pull 10000 kg - 30000 kg (first line pull) on model.

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We understand that different industries and applications have specific needs, which is why our hydraulic winches are fully customizable. From choosing the right components to design, we work closely with you to ensure our hydraulic winches meet your individual requirements. contact us for the optimal wire winch solution for your project and requirements.

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