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Mitsubishi L2E

Buy your Mitsubishi L2E engine at West Diesel, we are your distributor of Mitsubishi engines. The Mitsubishi L2E engine is a small, compact diesel engine and is a popular choice for applications such as power generation, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and more.

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The Mitsubishi L series consists of advanced diesel engines with a compact size and high power. The L series acts as a driver for generators and small industrial machines, but is also ideal for a wide range of other industrial machines due to its excellent load capacity. The L series consists of two engine types: L2E and L3E.

Mitsubishi L2E - Compact and efficient diesel engine

The Mitsubishi L2E diesel engine is very light and compact. Its relatively high power output results in excellent performance. The engine is a four-stroke, water-cooled, two-cylinder engine. The balanced design keeps vibrations to a minimum. This results in a quiet and user-friendly motor, which is emphasized by the low maintenance. All filters can be accessed from the same page. A quick delivery of parts is possible thanks to interchangeability with other engine series. Equipped with an automatic glow plug, the engine is extremely reliable, even in temperatures of minus 20 degrees. The above features make the Mitsubishi L2E engines perfectly suited for accessory driving, driving light industrial machinery.

Mitsubishi L2E SPEC-SHEET

Mitsubishi L2E Advantages

One of the key features of the L2E engine is its high efficiency. The engine is designed with a low-friction structure, which helps reduce energy loss and improve fuel efficiency. Another important aspect of the L2E engine is its reliability. Built with high quality materials and components, the engine is designed to withstand the demands of heavy duty use. The engine also has an oil cooling system which helps keep the engine running at a consistent temperature even under high load.

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Mitsubishi L2E: Suitable for many applications

In terms of power, the L2E engine produces between 4 and 11 kW, depending on the specific model. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from small equipment to larger machines. The engine is also designed to meet current emission standards, helping to minimize its impact on the environment.

Overall, the Mitsubishi L2E engine is a versatile, efficient and reliable power source suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you need a diesel engine for your power generation equipment, construction machinery or agricultural equipment, the L2E engine is an excellent choice that is sure to meet your needs. See the list at the bottom to see the current machines the Mitsubishi L2E engine is in.

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Mitsubishi L2E Genuine Spare Parts

Buy your Mitsubishi L2E spare parts from us. We have ALL L2E spare parts, you are very welcome to contact us by mail or telephone. All our spare parts for your L2E are original, which ensures the best quality and reliability. See how to find your serial number for your Mitsubishi L2E, or on the other Mitsubishi industrial engines here.

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Contact us regarding Mitsubishi L2E Engines

Do you need guidance or have questions regarding the Mitsubishi L2E engine? We are always ready to help you find the best solution for your project. We are Denmark's distributor of Mitsubishi industrial engines, and have been since 1994. That is why we can offer you professional guidance and the most optimal engine solution for you. Make it simple and worry-free, contact us on Phone: +45 75 12 70 44 or Mail: [email protected] and we will process your request as soon as possible.

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Mitsubishi L2E Applications


AMI Generatorset
GS 0007 M 32S L2E
BOBCAT Excavator
X119 L2E-61ES
M10 L2E-61CVB
Ydea L2C2-61CV
Kerry L2C-61CV
Pick-up L2C-61CV
Sulky car  L2C-61CV
CM2.16 L2E-65CAM
H2W8M16C L2E-61HMG
H2E7.2M1C L2E-61HMG
H2E8M3 L2E-61HMG
FX 130  L2E-31MR
NS 5 L2E-61SDG
Alize 7500 DE L2E-61SDH
Alize 9000 TDE L2E-61SDH
Alize 9015 TDE L2E-61SDH
NR 9 L2E-62SDG
KONVEKTA Thermo systems
Ref Unit  L2E-61R
Ref Unit  L2E-61R MHD
Whisper 6000-3000/50Hz L2E
Whisper 6000-3600/60Hz L2E
Whisper 6 L2E
Whisper 8000-3000/50Hz L2E
Whisper 8000-3600/60Hz L2E
Whisper 8 L2E
Tiger 4/8 PPN L2E-63SGH
PEL JOB Excavator
EB10 L2E-61ES
ED750 L2E-61ES
POWER FAB Mini excavator
Power Fab  L2E-Power Fab
REF-TRANS Cooling / Ref unit
Koelaggregaat L2E-61RR
Ref-Unit L2E-61RR
Koelaggregaat L2A-61RR
Ref-Unit L2A-61RR
Koelaggregaat L2C-61RR
Ref-Unit L2C-61RR
G5-28V L2E
SOLÉ DIESEL Marine / Genset
G5-28V L2E
Sail-Drive (Mini 17) L2E
Mini 11/E  L2E
Gen Set L2E-61SS
Gen Set L2E-61SS
G-8M-3 L2E-62SS
G-8T-3 L2E-62SS
Gen Set L2E-62SS
Marine Application L2E-62SS
Mini 17 L2E-62SS
Gen Set L2A-61SS
Gen Set L2A-61SS
Gen Set L2A-62SS
Marine Application L2A-62SS
Mini 11 L2A-62SS
TEKSAN Generator
VETUS Marine
M2.06 L2E-61DM
M2.04 L2A
M2.C5 L2C-61DM
M2.D5 L2C-61DM
WEIDEMANN Wheel Loader
1010D/M L2E-61WH
811D/M L2E-61WH
911D/M L2E-61WH
Marine Application L2E-62WM
SC6 3000rpm 230V/50Hz L2E
WHISPER POWER Small generator
SC6 3000rpm 230V/50Hz L2E
SC6 3600rpm 120V/60Hz L2E
SC8 3000rpm 230V/50Hz L2E
SC8 3600rpm 120V/60Hz L2E
SC10 3000rpm 230V/50Hz L2E


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