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Mitsubishi S6S

The Mitsubishi S6S engine is a powerful and high-performance engine that is used in many different industrial contexts. It is a popular choice for many companies. At West Diesel you can buy your Mitsubishi S6S engine. We are your leading distributor of Mitsubishi engines.

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Mitsubishi S6S-dieselmotoren er en kraftfuld løsning, der passer til bygge- og produktionsmaskiner samt mange andre applikationer. Den er produceret af Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, en førende producent af industrielle dieselmotorer. S6S-motoren er en af deres mest populære modeller og er designet til brug i forskellige industrier.

Mitsubishi S6S: High performance for industrial use

The Mitsubishi S6S engine is a diesel engine manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine & Turbocharger, Ltd. Designed for various industrial applications, it offers high performance, reliability and efficiency. This makes it a popular choice within the construction, mining and material handling industries. At West Diesel, we can adapt your S6S engine exactly to your needs. Contact us so that we can find the optimal motor solution for your project.

Mitsubishi S6S SPEC-SHEET

The Mitsubishi S6S engine delivers for the heavy machines

The Mitsubishi S6S engine is known for its impressive power. Depending on the configuration, it can deliver power from 45 to 88 kW. With its power and torque, the Mitsubishi S6S engine is ideal for operating heavy equipment effortlessly. It is suitable for applications that require high power and speed, such as excavators, bulldozers and cranes.

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The Mitsubishi S6S engine delivers reliability at the workplace

The Mitsubishi S6S engine is well-known for its reliability. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has a long history of producing high-quality diesel engines and the S6S engine is no exception. Designed with durability in mind, it is made from high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques to withstand the rigors of industrial environments. In addition to its reliability, the S6S engine is also known for its fuel efficiency.

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The Mitsubishi S6S is a high-performance engine

The Mitsubishi S6S engine is a true powerhouse that impresses in a wide range of industrial applications. It combines versatility, strength and reliability, making it the ultimate choice for companies in the construction, mining and material handling industries. Whether you need impressive traction, reliable performance or a fuel-efficient engine, the Mitsubishi S6S delivers all this and more. Give your equipment the necessary power and reliability by choosing the Mitsubishi S6S engine as your ideal choice.

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Mitsubishi S6S Engine Spare Parts

At West Diesel, we make it easy for you to get original spare parts for your Mitsubishi S6S engine. We have specialized in Mitsubishi engines and spare parts since 1994, giving us the right experience to help you with your needs. Our range includes a wide selection of Mitsubishi S6S spare parts of the highest quality. We always guarantee the best quality and reliability with our original Mitsubishi S6S spare parts.

If you need help finding the serial number of your Mitsubishi S6S engine or other Mitsubishi industrial engines, you can see here how to find it for your S6S and the other Mitsubishi Industrial engines. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right spare parts for your Mitsubishi S6S engine and keep it in optimal condition. You can rely on us as your trusted source for Mitsubishi S6S parts.

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The optimal engine solution with the S6S.

West Diesel is your reliable partner who can offer the perfect engine solution for your project and application. We understand the importance of choosing the right engine for your needs, and the Mitsubishi S6S engine is one of our many options for industrial applications. This engine meets different requirements and can be customized with different configurations and add-ons.

If you are unsure whether the Mitsubishi S6S is the right engine for you, or if you want to explore other Mitsubishi engines for industrial purposes, please feel free to contact us. We are available by phone on +45 75 12 70 44 or e-mail at [email protected]. Our dedicated team will process your inquiry quickly and efficiently.

We have been Denmark's leading distributor of Mitsubishi diesel engines for industrial purposes since 1994, and our extensive experience enables us to deliver the best service and solution to you. Whether it is the Mitsubishi S6S engine or other models, you can rely on us to provide a professional and tailored solution.

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Mitsubishi S6S Applications


AMI Generatorset
GS 0070 M 32S S6K
GS 0090 M 32S S6K-T
GS 0045 M 32S  S6S
GS 0060 M 32S  S6S-DT
Forklifts (multiple) S6E
3066 S6K-DT
3046 T S6S-D
3046T S6S-DT
Bulldozer S6S-DT
Many others S6S
DENYO Generator
HEINKEL Generator
006KD6R45 S6N-PTA
006KE6R45 S6R2-PTA
006KD6R45 S6R-PTA
HIMOINSA Generator
HTW-670 T5 S6R2-PTA
HTW-760 T5 S6R2-PTAA
HITACHI Excavator
EX1200-5 S6R-Y1TAA-1
EX1200-5C S6R-Y2TAA-2
Hyundai Heavy Industries Forklift
Folex 35DS-7E S6S-Y2DT61HF
Folex 40DS-7E S6S-Y2DT61HF
Folex 45DS-7E S6S-Y2DT61HF
Folex 50DA-7E S6S-Y2DT61HF
Folex 50DS-7E S6S-Y2DT61HF
Folex 60DS-7E S6S-Y2DT61HF
Folex 70DS-7E S6S-Y2DT61HF
HDF 50-7S S6S-Y2DT61HF
HDF 70-7S S6S-Y2DT61HF
R160LC-7 S6S-Y2DT61HS
R160LC-7A S6S-Y2DT61HS
R180LC-7 S6S-Y2DT61HS
R170W-7 S6S-Y2DT61HS
Robex 160LCD-7 S6S-Y2DT61HS
Robex 160LC-7 S6S-Y2DT61HS
Robex 180LC-7 S6S-Y2DT61HS
Robex 180NLC-7 S6S-Y2DT61HS
Robex 180LC7 S6S-Y2DT61HS
Robex 180LCD-7 S6S-Y2DT61HS
Robex 170W7 S6S-Y2DT61HS
Robex 170W-7  S6S-Y2DT61HS
IHI Crawler Carrier
IC45-2 S6S-DT
LD400 S6S
FD35 S6E
FD38 S6E
FD40 S6E
FD50 S6E2
FD60 S6E2
FD70 S6E2
FD60 S6K
FD70 S6K
FD50 S6S
FD60 S6S
FD70 S6S
FA800 S6E2
MG100 S6E2
MG150 S6E2-T
NISSAN Forklift
F04-Serie 3 S6S
F04-Serie 4 S6S
F04-Serie 4 S6S
F04-Serie 5 S6S
Tiger 35/70 PPN S6S-65SG
SM-105 S6S
TCM Forklift
FD 60-9  S6K-T
FD 70-9  S6K-T
FD 80-9 S6K-T
FD 100-9 S6K-T
FD 35 T9 S6S
FD 40 T9 S6S
FD 45 T9 S6S
TEKSAN Generator
VOLVO Volvo Marine Engine


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